Community Managers tools for Health Sciences Libraries

   June 7, 2016 Tuesday

Bibliosalut, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Community Managers tools for Health Sciences Libraries.
We are used to reading about what and how to use the social networks, but we usually do not know how to improve their administration that we manage and which tools will be the most useful.

To improve the time management of the librarian do to the administration of the social networks.


  1. Introduction.

    • How to bring up our audience.
    • Managing our time: Importance of automatization.
  2. Manage and schedule your institutional social networks.

    • Hootsuite. How to schedule our posts. Monitor multiple streams in one place. Publish at the same time in different social networks. Manage statistics from your social network.
    • Botize. Share tweets automatically from reliable users and accounts.
    • Right Inbox. If you manage gmail you may know that you can schedule your e-mails.
  3. Create your own images to improve your posts.

    • Canva. Online tool to create your images and layout adapted to the social network where it has to be published.
    • GIPHY and Gifmaker. Create your gifs to boost your posts, because sometimes we need more than an image.
    • Piktochart. Create your infographics to explain how your institution works, present data and statistics, or make a poster.

 Course Leader
Elena Pastor Ramon

Documentalist from de Virtual Health Sciences of the Balearic Islands (Bibliosalut)

Personal Information

Born in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands – Spain)(1976)

Current Ocupation

Documentalist in de Virtual Health Sciences of the Balearic Islands (Bibliosalut)
Assignments: Community Manager (@Bibliosalut, @Infosalut and @Rebisalud), Document Supply Service, User trainer in the different courses organized by Bibliosalut.

Previous Ocupations

Documentalist from Primary Health Service in Mallorca.
Documentalista in the University of the Balearic Islands.
Documentalist in the University of the Balearic Islands Foundation.

Academic information

Degree in Documentation sciences by de Open University of Cataloniaa(2008)
Diploma in Librarianship by the University of Salamanca (2002)

More information:

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